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АО «МРТС» завершает монтаж систем ограждения FENSYS на площадках автоматизированных радиотехнических постов системы управления движением судов на Ямале.


Магистральные нефтепроводы АО "Транснефть-Север" оборудованы инженерными системами охраны объектов FENSYS.


На объектах «Росморпорта» на Ямале заканчивается возведение свайных полей для дальнейшего монтажа инженерных систем ограждения FENSYS.


Внутрипроизводственные территории ТЭЦ-12 на Бережковской набережной в Москве ограждены инженерно-техническими средствами охраны объектов «FENSYS».

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The transparent solutions 

"Fencing Systems" is a Russian manufacturing and trading company representing the fencing system FENSYS since 2005.

FENSYS is the best solution for perimeter protection of air-ports, industrial and building areas, warehouses, farm lands, railway and highway distances, marine and river ports, berths, beaches, office buildings, sports grounds, hospitals and resorts, schools, kindergartens, summer camps, military and secure facilities etc.

Having our own production plant placed in Russia we produce high-quality welded wire mesh panels, posts, gates, wickets, miscellaneous fasteners, special accessories. FENSYS systems can be additionally equipped by barbed and razor wires and also are compatible with electronic perimeter protection devices.

Our manufacturing is adjustable for any demand of customers but always meets the grade of European quality. All of items are made from galvanized steel with polymeric coating. According to the coating quality requirements the different technologies of coating can be applied.

At present total plant output capacity is about 3’240’000 linear meters of fencing systems per year. Our company conduct an eager activity for increase of own production facilities in Russia.

We offer to our clientele the wide assortment of fences at attractive prices and suitable delivery conditions. The prompt shipment of goods ex-warehouse is provided as well as the cargo’s delivery by nominated shipping companies throughout Russia and other countries.



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